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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I love beautiful Korean guys!

Soooobrang bet ko ang ang mga Koreano na 'to. I love 2PM. Kahit sino sa kanila - pero better kung gangbang. Choz!

Plus I love their new song.


I'll be back, you're going to look for me again. I'll come back then
Because there is no one who can love you as much as I do

What do I do if you're like this all of a sudden, what the hell am I supposed to do
How can you be like this, I believed you when you said you would love me forever
You promised me, we would never change, we were definitely meant to be
We were definitely meant for each other. That's what you said

I'll be back, you're going to look for me again. I'll come back then
Because there is no one who can love you as much as I do

You'll be back, you're going to come back to me, that's why I'm letting you go
I know it, you can't live without me, I'll be back

You, me, we can't say goodbye, you must be confused
This is something that everyone goes through once, get your head straight
Think again, no matter what I say, you already
Don't listen to my words, it comes back as an echo

Listen baby girl
Fine, I will turn away for you, I will coolly let you go like a man
And I won't bother you, silently from behind you
I will stand silent as the grave, looking at you from afar without you knowing
From very far away, so that you will completely forget my existence UH--

But you better know that I’m not giving you away
Will I ever stop waiting no way
It’ll be the same in my world I’m your boy You’re my Girl
I'm letting you go for a bit, but you will come back again
I know, so don't worry, when you collapse I'll be back.

*hindi maganda pagkaka-translate. Medyo literal. Wala lang akong mahanap na ibang version for now.


Ms. Chuniverse said...

haaayyy... gusto ko rin ng


nOx said...

tsee!!! pahaba ka na kasi ng buhok :)

the green breaker said...

k-pop fever si ateng. :D di ko masyadong bet ang songs pero ang guys naman sa vid, kahit isa lang talaga pwede na.

ms chuni: kalbo! masamang tao! haha charoz.

린코 said...

sinayaw ko pa dati yung again and again tsaka heartbeat nila. kahiya lang...

pongpong pagong said...

Wedding Dress by taeyoung.. try mo :))

Desperate Houseboy said...

awwww, hindi ako mahilig sa asian. hehe... pero they are good naman. nice;)

nOx said...

@green beaker - tama. masasamang tao ang mga kalbo. nagiiwan sila sa ere. choz!

@린코 - what's your other name aside from 린코 ? hehe. btw, paborito ko yung again and again :)

@pong - ay bet na bet din! i love taeyang!

@dhboy - i know, ryt?! :))

Sean said...

Na miss ko ata tong post na ito. Siguro pagkabukas pa Lang nun hinimatay na ako. Gusto ko rin ang big bang hahaha.

nOx said...

mahilig ka talaga sa mga chinito ateng. inaagawan mo ako ng target market. choz!