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Thursday, September 15, 2011

You are the reason why...

You are the reason why...

John Farnham

What did I do
Before the day I set my eyes on you?
Spending my time
Just working at the things I had to do

And then I saw your face
I was captured heart and soul
You gave me so much more

You're the reason why
I listen in the night
And steal the softest kisses
While you sleep

You're the reason why
Tears will fill my eyes
Just looking at a photograph
Of you

Touching my frown
Tell me what you read between the lines
Every thing's alright
I know sometimes I act a little strange

You bring me so much joy
Conversations make me smile
How could I love you more?

You're the reason why
I speak with foolish pride
Whenever there's a chance
To show you 'round

And you're the reason why
I lost this heart of mine
At the very moment
You arrived

And I can't believe this life
Was ever lonely
No, I can't imagine life
Before you

You're the reason why
I'm holding on so tight
I never want to let
This feeling go

And you're the reason why
My love will never die
My heart just could not sing
If not for you

What did I do
Before the day I set my eyes on you?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You won’t find Love in Malate

You won’t find Love in Malate, or in any place that reeks of sex, booze, and dark spot concealers. He won’t be leaning against the wall in his usual nonchalant self, looking at you with warmth and yearning. He won’t give you scotch on the rocks and won’t utter the wittiest of pickup lines. He’s not gonna be there to take your hand and whisk you away from the dance floor. He won’t give you the most consuming of caresses. He won’t have his car to take you to his pad.

He does not exist here.

Alas, as the wizened and wise would put it, you will find Love when you least expect it. When you’re not looking, not aware, not guarded. You will find him on a bus ride to Philcoa on a rainy Friday night. He’ll be that friend you’ve known since God-knows-when. He’s the guy that makes your morning coffee a celebration. You may even have just read his life online and be fascinated by it.

You will question his validity thinking that he could be just another one of your fruitless conquests, someone you can spend your excess while with. However, little by little, you will realize that the pieces fit together as if on a puzzle. A common interest, a common friend, a common habit, a common principle in life.

You found him.

And after finding him, for sure you will, thank the Universe for making a conspiracy of epic proportions. Love him more than he’ll ever know.

Dear SG bloggers

Dear SG peeps/bloggers:

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