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Others want it hard, others semi-hard. A few have it poached from them. The rest wants the freakin’ cacophony of an omelette. As for me, I want it sunny side up – life, that is.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dad, dahil hindi ko mailagay sa FB, dito na lang :)

Dad, dahil hindi ko mailagay sa FB, dito na lang :)

If u have a wonderful husband, fiance, or boyfriend who works hard to take care of you and would do anything for you, then repost this as your status to give the honest good men out there the recognition that they deserve. Because great men are few and far in between.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bathroom Session 8 - More Than You'll Ever Know

More Than You'll Ever Know

Take my hand
We'll walk awhile, we'll talk awhile
Feel my love
Always there beside you
Be the one
I know you'll tell me everything
You are the one
I cherish more than anything
I love you more than you'll ever know
I love you more than you'll ever see
More than my heart could ever show
I love you more than you'll ever know

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cover Letter

Dear HR Staffing:

I am Beyonce Knowles, [INSERT POSITION TITLE] of [INSERT COMPANY NAME], and I am interested to apply for the Marketing Communications Analyst opening of MERALCO.

As [INSERT POSITION TITLE], I am tasked to generate goodwill between the top management of [INSERT COMPANY NAME] and its employees through the facilitation of internal communication channels (i.e. company events, publications, company intranet). Tapping from the public relations and marketing skills I have developed through my current stint as a communications professional and as a BA Organizational Communication alumnus of the University of the Philippines Manila, I am confident that I would also do well in dealing with external stakeholders.

I have attached a copy of my resume for the detailed qualification of my proficiencies and professional experience for your perusal. I hope to receive a reply if my email was received properly. Thank you.

Best regards,

Beyonce Knowles

Saturday, July 9, 2011


It’s been two busy weeks since I’ve last posted anything in my blog. I didn’t really notice it until I opened my blog a few minutes ago. I’m really surprised some people still view my blog even without new posts.

It’s rainy today but I ain’t complaining. The weather only makes it better for things get written down onto paper, er, web space.  Just three important updates for today.

So far, she has surpassed my expectations. She is cheerful, a trait that should be innate for professionals who handle internal company events and publications. One cannot be glum when talking to co-employees about their “inputs.” Their comments or ideas might be stupid or not feasible, or even sometimes hurtful, but it doesn’t mean one has the right to immediately dismiss their thoughts. One has to learn to take it in a stride and just move along. My boss got that one right up. Plus, we came from the same university. We don’t need to guess how the other one would think, react, and respond. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll learn a thing or two from her.

And I’m actually using it right now. Hahaha! I was supposed to buy the MSI notebook with an i5 processor (I forgot the freakin’ model) but it was too heavy for something that will be lugged around from Cavite to Makati, and back, every day. Plus, it doesn’t do much in the looks department. So when I saw the new Sony Vaio Y Series, I knew I found THE ONE. The specs are really decent, except for the annoying Windows  7 Starter OS. In any case, my IT friend can deal with it perfectly well. Hahaha! Btw, I named my new baby Aziraphale – Azi for short.

YES, Virginia. I have fallen in love again and I am with high hopes that he is THE ONE. Dad, I know you’ll read this and will probably leave a comment. I want you to know that even if seas, mountains, and valleys separate us now, I am sure that we’ll have our time together. In one place. In God’s time. I love you, dad! J