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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Intermission - Flowers for Nix

Last night, I decided to give flowers to someone I really, really, really like. Nothing planned. I just thought of giving him flowers that day.

To tell you honestly, it's my first time to give flowers to anyone. I was given flowers before and that merits another blog entry.

Walking along Makati Avenue last night on my way to Nix's office, I feel everyone's gaze upon me. It kinda burns a bit. But hey, I am Ero's warrior. A man in love. God, it feels great!

I bought the flowers from Nature's Touch.

Nix, please forgive me for all my shortcomings. As I said,
less words, more of you and me. And I also want to
apologize for the pink ribbon and wrappings.
I know, girly :)


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

kahit na,, bsta hangweeet and hangkyut!!!

nOx said...

sabi din nya. hahaha! and everything was so worth the kiss :)

Desperate Houseboy said...

bigla akong nainggit. yun na. hehehe

Ronnie said...



Tuwang-tuwa siguro ang pinagbigyan mo. :)

Sean said...

aww. sweeeeet! and talagang pink!

nOx said...

tsong dh: for sure bibigyan ka ni sir sooner or later. kamusta na nga pla ang tubo nya - este ng banyo?

ronnie: thanks... yep, natuwa naman sya :)

sean: o nga eh. nawala sa isip ko na lalaki pla bibigyan ko ng flowers. haha

Pipo said...

wow. i didn't expect that you're that type of guy, my friend. nice. =D

nOx said...

i am sweet. tanong mo pa ex ko. hehe

Ms. Chuniverse said...

yes, i think you are... sweet. =)

nOx said...

thanks madame chunee! lov yah!

Nielz said...

Hello! Hehehe.. maraming salamat po sa pagbati saken nung birthday ko! Sobrang naaappreciate ko po kahit simpleng "Happy birthday" message lang, lalo na yung may mga extra message pa. Maraming salamat po ulit! Sana next birthday ko anjan ka pa rin to greet me. :D

At teka, sinong Nix? Is he an ESL instructor? As in Nix Alvaro? Hmmn...

At tutal naman, nandito na lang rin ako, plug ko na rin ang blog ko. Sa February, (love month) I'll be publishing all my love posts, at letters na sinulat ko. :)

Thanks ulit! lol. Di po ako makapag blog masyado, it's been a busy week, January is a busy month for me. God bless and world peace! ü

yahoo messenger: nielz01

Abou said...

:-) kakatuwa naman

nOx said...

@nielz: nope. hindi sya yun :)
looking forward to your love notes!

@abou: thanks sa pag-follow! macho mo naman kuya. hahaha

mikhaelangel said...

Ohw man.. that's just cute.. Thanks for sharing. I .. you may want to pair it with chocolates next time :)

nOx said...

o nga no. bakit nga ba walang chocolates. sige, next time kumpleto na :)