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Sunday, November 13, 2011

C for Mom


It was a hot and lazy afternoon right after my schedule as a BPO slave in one of those call centers in Alabang. I was too tired to speak. Too tired to eat. Too tired to sleep. But never too tired to flip over that stack of porn under the bed sheets. I was about to do what boys do when I heard footsteps outside my room and someone rushed inside.

It was mom.

She was crying.

She said something about the result of her biopsy.

She told me she had Stage 3 Breast Cancer.


We’re having trouble with our finances it seems but help, even the financial kind, kept pouring in. My parents never made us feel we’re living from pay check to pay check. However, I know I can’t just quit my job because I have to help with my younger brother’s school expenses.

Mom and dad were discussing their plans for mom’s immediate mastectomy and chemotherapy. They were listing down options for the hospitals and the cost implications. UP-PGH is on their list. Overhearing this, I pointed out that UP-PGH is the best option and it would help us if we won’t be spending too much for her medical bills.

She said, “Matitiis nyo bang nasa PGH ako? Hindi ba kayo naawa sa ‘kin?”


Mom wants to have her hair permed so she can keep it a bit longer while she’s on chemo. She had her locks kept long since I was in high school. I even bought the perming solution and the hair clips that day.

Minutes after the perming, I saw her on the verge of tears. “Akala ko, magdidikit-dikit ang buhok ko. Lalo pala natanggal.”

I called up a former professor and borrowed her wig she used when she was undergoing chemo. Mom used it for a number of months.


It’s been more than three years since she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. Just two more years, she’ll be called a survivor.

I love my mom, very, very much. I might not be the best son she can ever have but God knows that in every dream I dream, my family is always there.


citybuoy said...

Wow, Nox. This is so different that what I've gotten used to reading over here. It's obvious you love her very much. :) I am speechless at the strength you've shown here.

LanchiE said...

Two more years.
kaya yan.
optimism can go a long way.

Mr. Hush Hush said...

I was also close to my mama, no words could describe that bond between son and mom. I pray for her fast recovery.


Ms. Chuniverse said...

Being a mama's gurl, i really have soft spots for moms.

I know you would, but please be always there for her.

Will ask my Mom to include your mom in her prayers.

Stay strong Nox.


Nate said...

@nox: tengene fwend.. aga-aga, pinaiyak mo ko.. shet ka! :((

i feel for you.. i only have my mom now, and she means the world to me.. i admire your strength and the love that you have for your mom.. :)


Kane said...

Cancer is a terrible thing. The treatment must have been painful.

I heard people change once they realize how fragile life is. I hope your mom gets well completely. And that her hair grows back quickly =)


Mac Callister said...

hey!so far ito fave kong post mo!too personal and too humane! i love it...cguro mega relate ako kasi i love my mom so much and may pinagdadaanan kaming difficult situation now...

i hope your mom is ok now :-)

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

i re read this dad for the nth time... and it still managed to make me cry... Hug your mom for me please. Belated Happy Birthday to mama. I love her too...