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Others want it hard, others semi-hard. A few have it poached from them. The rest wants the freakin’ cacophony of an omelette. As for me, I want it sunny side up – life, that is.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I’m listening to the rhythm of the rain that has just started to pour. It commences with a gentle drizzle and ascends to a generous downpour, making a monotonous cycle of sounds as the rain drops collide and splatter onto the rooftops. Aside from this, pretty much everything is still.

The formerly lit sky is now engulfed in eternal darkness. It was not too long ago when the full moon exhibited itself upon its audience – the stars.

They were on a constant display of affection. A steady stream of burning red, patches of blazing orange, strings of scorching yellow, and blotches of brilliant blue stretched as far as the eye can see. Intense passion flared upon the midnight sky for everyone to behold. Too intense that their light could fill every crevice in the heavens above. Too intense that they could replace the sun. Too intense, indeed, that it hurts.

And as the night neared its climax, every color in the sky swirled into one giant white mass, blinding anyone who dared to open his eyes. And then suddenly, without consent, a loud explosion was heard in the night sky. After that, everything went blank.



The colors faded.

I’m still lying here motionlessly on top of the sheets, pain, guilt, and remorse washing over me. These sheets still hold the pieces of evidence. Your sweat, come, scents mixed with mine. Your last concrete memory.

Like how pathetic could I ever get by clinging to these sheets like a prized possession? But I don’t know. Maybe these are the last things I own that could ever have a part of you in them.

Yes. Hopefully, after washing these sheets, you’re off my heart.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yellow cab dinner with fellow bloggers

Last night, I had dinner with fellow bloggers Nimmy, Yas, Jason, Yj, Ryan, and Jepoy Dee at Yellow Cab in Greenbelt. Since I met Jason and Yas prior to this, the blogger that surprised me a bit was Nimmy. He is freakin’ 2 inches taller than me (I forgot to wear my red stilettos. LOL). He’s like 5’9. And by the way, pictures don’t give him much credit. He is one good-looking dude.

In this time and age, it is quite amusing to know how people get to know each other. Cables, optic fiber, light, electricity, silicon chips – random hardware stuff. When you combine all these things, you bridge gaps, create ties, build relationships. I never felt out of place that night.

Two orders of Charlie Chan and an 18” Dear Darla pizza (and others I trained myself to forget) later, we moved to Museum CafĂ© to meet Kane, one of the bloggers I admire the most. As expected, I was dazed by his mere presence. I never knew I would ever meet him in my lifetime, but there he was. Pensive, consuming, somber, but handsome as ever. Hopefully, his next post will reveal a happier Kane.

Nga pala. Ron sends his regards. Sana next time daw kasama sya.

Till next time then! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bathroom Session 7 - Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga

Dear _______,

I'm not at my best kasi inuubo at sinisipon ako. Hehehehehe.

I thought of you while I'm singing this :)



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A year back

I used to be thin (see below) like a year ago. Now, my cheeks look like they're gonna pop and ooze lard anytime. Boo hoo.

Bathroom Session 6 - Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin

I sang this song over the phone for a boy 5 days ago.

I look forward to singing songs for him every day.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh Sta. Mariah Carey, please help me!

Sobrang stressed ako sa work lately. Tumataba ako at nagkakafimflets sa mukha. Ayheyt it!

And this is all because of my new boss. That devil bitch incarnate.

In times like this, isa lang ang pwede mag-cheer up sa kin.

Ang All I Want for Christmas is You ni Ateng Mariah.

Pero pwede din namang ikaw. Depende sa'yo :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

An open letter to all my PLU sistahs

Dear Mga Ateng:

Isang paalala sa sangkabaklaan nationwide. Well, isama na rin natin ang mga afam tutal sila naman ang pasimuno nito after ng Stone Wall Riots nung 1969. Like how appropriate can we get? Pati year swak na swak! Pakak!

Ang buwan ng Hunyo ay hindi lamang ang panahon ng pagtataling-puso ng mga pechay at mga kawawang otoko. Ito rin ay isang pagdiriwang ng paninindigan at pagmamalaki na tayo ay proud to be Kapusong Mamon. At dahil dito, ang mga Mother Superiora ay gumising ng maaga despite their skull-shattering headache due to heavy-duty partying every weekend upang gumawa ng month-long program para sa atin.

Di ba, bongga lang sila?

Bilang ganti naman sa mga nabanggit na Mother Superiora ay try naman nating mag-attendance sa mga programa nila. Si atashi, fresent sa White Party fer sure! Bet ko din manood ng Pride March. Aabsentus na lang akey. Choz!

Eto mas bongga. On June 25, you are requested to change your profile pic sa FB into a photo of a rainbow flag. Taray! Vahala ka na to be as creative as fossivle (Actually, hindi ko sure 'to. Hula lang. Hahahaha!).

Akin na 'to. Wag na gumaya.

Prize? Wala. Kailangan talaga may prize?

For more details, please see below :)