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Monday, December 9, 2013

Goodbye for now

Too many memories in this blog. I will write again, but not here.

I promise to be back. To be what I was before, if not better. But not today. Please give me time.

For now, every word, every promise, and every song reels me back to the days when I still knew him. The days when I knew we'll be together till the end.

It's all but a memory now.

And it's killing me.

I know I'll get through this. But not today. Please give me time.

As for him, i realize now that it really is the end. Just that one word I read from him today stabs me again. And again. And again.

How can you be so unkind?

I know I'll forget him. Every word, every promise, every song. All our memories. But not today. Please give me time.

So I can be happy again, goodbye for now.


Axl Powerhouse Production Inc. said...

ayun lang... kung saan ka magiging masaya, i support you sir!

migg the voyager said...

I feel you... Maybe you just really need time to forget... Just got by your blog and it's really interesting, hope you'll be back in no time :)

akosiian said...


ako din nox... </3

Kane said...

So this is how the story ends ... Well, as someone once said, we'll never really be gone. Our stories will live on ... even if our love doesn't.