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Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to reply to an ex

Bearing a wounded heart (and ego) after a breakup is one of the worst tragedies a human being is ever entitled to experience in his lifetime. And inevitably, there will be an instance wherein the erring ex-partner will try to check up on you that will make the pain worse. They might try to continue the communication through text/pm/dm/email/comments. See sample below:

"Hi. Kamusta? Feel better? Just want to check how you are coping."

Yes, dear. It does really hurt. Just merely seeing his name on your phone will put you through another whirlwind of pain and confusion. But ultimately, your reply or an absence of a reply depends on what image you want to portray. Below are options on how to reply to your ex's message based on how you want to be portrayed.

Bitter: I was doing well until you texted.

Super Bitter: Hu u

Squatter: Tangina mo! Kapal ng mukha mo!

Poised: Oddly enough, I'm coping like a pro but I don't know what to make of your text.

Kinda Honest: I've had better days. I've had worse, too. And you?

Unaffected: I'm having sex as of the moment. Will send a lengthy reply after washing my hands.

Dying Inside: Hi! I'm doing well. How are you? :)

In Denial: Mahal na mahal pa din kita. How do I unlove you? :'(

Smart Bitch: *deletes text message*

Note: Thanks to my BFF for the idea and her options.


Fiel Rolluqui said...
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Neneng Kilabot said...

Nakarelate na naman. Hay. Pero Aliw :)

NOX said...

Thanks, mare :)