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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Miss My Bff

On the fateful day of April 8, my bff for 10 goddamn-long years left for UAE. She's in Fujairah, one of the seven emirates of UAE. She took a chance and left without a sure possibility of employment as a nurse.

I miss her :(


khantotantra said...

aw. di bale, babalik naman sya. Just be in touch with her. Andyan ang ym, cp, twitter at iba pa.

egG. said...

ganda ng tattoo mo char!

anyway... keep communicate to her.. hehehe :)

Will said...

Aw. It's okay. Basta strong ang friendship, hindi madaling mabuwag yan. :D

Mac Callister said...

may work na?hope she's fine there :-)

hot naman naka red sando LOL

Kamila said...

Awww.... hay goodluck naman sa kanya..

krn said...

you're holden's twin?? very interesting. :)

green breaker said...

aw.. :(

hope you guys get to see each other soon :)

nOx said...

@khanto - yep, pero iba pa rin kapag face-to-face interaction :(

@egg - that's a henna tattoo, circa 2010 :)

@will - korek! thanks, will. mwah! :))

@mac - wala pa eh. pero okay naman sya. at least she's with her mom. and, thanks! hihi!

@kamila - thanks...sana magka-work na si bakla soon...

@krn - yep. the gay twin. choz!

@green beaker - ewan ko ba. natatakot akong magkaroon ng gap ang friendship namin. hindi pa naman ako meant for LDR. hahahaha!