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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family is above all friendships we create

I have a profound affection for my friends, most of the times treating them as kin. I am almost always there to lend a hand to a friend. Be it with assistance in financial matters when I have something spared, counsel for troubled times, free professional help when I'm not too busy with work, or companionship for the littlest concerns, I am sure to be there. Therefore, it is not a bit of a stretch when I say that I am a fairly good ally.

And my friends have been generally the same for me. I could even say I am lucky to have been blessed with friends who stick with me even at my worst. I know in my heart that these friends, though only a handful, are God’s gifts who have helped me become the person I am today.

Last Thursday was a shock for me when a “friend” ignored all rules of treating someone you care about, much less of civil manners.

A relative said that someone posted an offensive comment on the wall of a late cousin (which I will write about on a later post). And the person who half-wittingly made that comment was from *jan-ja-ra-ra-ran* a “friend.” Actually, that person was C, some guy I met in Liquid bar last November. He was a friend of a friend of a friend of my BFF.  Normally, I treat such people as acquaintances – not friends – but my Christmas Pay-it-forward charity act made me intimate to this person.

Early December, C had to rebrand his small pharmacy in his hometown because he wants to expand his business. With me knowing that I can help, and having a graphic artist friend who can do his new logo and other collaterals, I did not think twice to lend a hand. And since a “friend” asked for my help, I did not charge him my professional fee. He only paid for the graphic art matters of the rebranding process. During this time, we became really close. We could have even been an item had I not rekindled my affair with Nix.

Going back to the Thursday incident, I called up C to have him remove his post in FB. His comment has already caused a stir in the beehive. My relatives and my late cousin’s close friends are rallying against him on FB.

I asked politely to have him delete his now infamous comment. Then a barrage of crude text messages rattled me while I was at my cousin’s wake.

Text 1: Wag mo ko pagbibintangan at magmamaganda bossy ka kapal ng mukha mo

Text 1: Wow, I was just asking. Sobrang mahal namin yung pinsan kong yun. Sorry to have asked you about it. Sobrang nainis lang talaga ako.

Now, when I called him up. I still haven’t checked FB, hence the hesitation and choice of words. Had I seen his post prior to this exchange of messages, I could have shown him what a CaviteƱo really is.

Text 2: Punyeta ka pasalamat ka Andito parents ng bf ko kundi pngmumura kita taena mo ha
Text 3: Buti nga namatay pinsan mo taena mo!!!!
Text 4: U didnt just ask u were bossying around na siguraduhin kong hindi ako un kapal ng mukha mo!!! Bastos ako sa buhay lalo na sa mga epal shit na kagaya mo pero wag mko pagbbntangan taena mo sa ptay!!!!

That was when I totally lost my cool. But still, I will not stoop down to his level.

Text 2: Wait. Scratch that. I am not sorry, you horrible person. After all the help I extended to you before dahil kaibigan ka ng kaibigan ko, gaganyanin mo ko?

Text 5: Wala akong pakialam i was grateful for that u fucking asshole but that doesnt give u any right to talk to me condescendingly us asshole!!! I was equally nicento you kaya wag mko susumbatan dahil kaya kitang bayaran if u gave a price u asshole!!!
Text 6: Sa susunod na mag boss ka sakin sguraduhin m me karapatan ka dahil d mko palamunin para asta asta ka kung sino sakin putangina mong patay gutom Ka!!!!
Text 7: Bastos ako sa kagaya mo pero wag mko pagbbntnagn na gagawa Ng kagaguhan sa patay!! Nakakainsulto Na pagsalitaan ng isang kagaya mo Lang.

Text 3: I don't need your money, sir. Bring it to where ever you go after you die. Sanay kami sa hirap. And have your grammar checked. It's terrible. PS: I regret ever having met you.

Text 8: Congratulations if ur good with grammar, hows ur stomach? Hungry??!!!! Hahahahahahah
Text 9: Alam ko sanay ka sa hirap kaya nga nung makapag polo ka akala mo naka armani ka na kahit blue soda lang suot mo!!!!
Text 10 : Mamili Ka Ng yayabangan m Sa susunod dahil di porke nakapagtapos ka ng mgandang school with a shitty course eh angat ka na sa lipunan!!!!

Text 4: Thanks for the compliment. Have a good night. May the good Lord bless your soul.

Text 11: Sayang text ko sayo patay gutom ka utak biya ka.

I was at the point of crying that time. I swear, I could have gone to Valenzuela on a heartbeat and socked the daylights out of him – even if I didn’t know how to deliver a square punch. Good thing I had my cousins with me. They had put sense in me. Clearly, family is above all friendships we create.

Today, I am so over that person and with what he did. Wag lang syang magpapakita sa ‘kin sa Makati. At lalo na sa Cavite kundi pupulutin sya sa Paliparan. I swear, revenge will be sweet.


Grey said...

Wow, fucken obnoxious guy. Gimme his address and Imma burn down his house for you free of charge.

PS: Sorry for your loss.

Spiral Prince said...


let it slide na lang. revenge is best served cold. :)

nyabach0i said...

bigay mo sa akin ang address papakuyog ko sa mga tambay dito! affected ako!

Sean said...

what an ass. my condolences btw.

claudiopoi said...

OMG exajjj. personally, takot ako sa mga ganyang klaseng tao. hindi dahil hindi ako marunong maghiganti, kaso di mo kasi alam kung papano sagutin ang mga ganyang mga balahurang salita. ang walang breeding lang.

i'm proud of you for standing your ground and not stooping down to his level. nakakatakot siya. asal aso much.

and oh, i'm sorry for your loss din, kaibigan.

Papa Jay said...

My condolences.

And props to you for being the cooler head. I didn't read the rest of the text exchange. The first one was enough to make my blood boil. And he doesn't deserve that privilege.

nOx said...

@grey - ay plano ko yan. wag mo ko unahan. choz! btw, thanks sa pakikiramay...

@sp - actually, wala sa kin yung personal insults. kebs ko dun. yung pambabastos sa patay ang nagpakulot sa buhok ko ng bonngang-bongga

@nyabach0i - ay sasama ako sa kukuyog dun then susunugin ko bahay nya. mas bet ko yun.

@sean - thanks, papa sean :)

@claudiopoi - natakot din ako sa kanya nung una. pero nahimasmasan ako. mas bet ko upakan ang mukha nya

@papa jay - thanks, papa jay. habang tina-type ko yung text nya, kumulo na naman dugo ko sa kanya. pero okay na ko ngayon :)

Anonymous said...

what a fothermocker. if you see him around Cavite, make sure to call me and I'll call our 'brothers'

that horrible animal needs a good beating.


nOx said...

Dear Renovati:

Greetings of peace! choz! :))

buti kpa dumaan na sa blog ko. yung ate mo nagpapakataba sa mga tsokolate :))

khantotantra said...

aw. horrible experience naman un. grabe lang ang naganap na convo between the 2 of you.

nOx said...

you cannot imagine the horror of reading that kind of text messages that came from a "friend."

pero tapos na yun. wala na talaga sa kin :)